Monday September 20, 2021

Industrial Controls #3

We will us an Arduino Pro Portenta H7 and Raspberry Pi 4 to re-image the factory automation Andon Board. We will read data from the Unified Namespace created in the previous workshop and create a realtime display with interrupt controls.

An andon system is one of the principal elements of the Jidoka quality control method pioneered by Toyota as part of the Toyota Production System and therefore now part of the lean production approach. It gives workers the ability, and moreover the empowerment, to stop production when a defect is found, and immediately call for assistance. Common reasons for manual activation of the andon are part shortage, defect created or found, tool malfunction, or the existence of a safety problem. Work is stopped until a solution has been found. The alerts may be logged to a database so that they can be studied as part of a continual improvement process.

Workshop will be held at Cutorama.
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  • Layout Andon Board Interface
  • Write a Basic Software Display in Node-REd
  • Read Date from Unified Namespace to Update Display

Monday September 20, 2021

Industrial Controls #2
Let/s use hive to create an MQTT broker as a model for an industrial IoT unified namespace. A unified namespace is a software solution that acts as a centralized repository of data, information, and context where any application or device can consume or publish data needed for a specific action. Without a centralized data repository, it could take months to deploy a new analytics application across the entire enterprise versus hours with a unified namespace. (MQTT) is a lightweight, publish-subscribe network protocol that transports messages between devices. The protocol usually runs over TCP/IP; however, any network protocol that provides ordered, lossless, bi-directional connections can support MQTT.

We will use a BRX IIoT PLC as a publisher to push a couple of data points from a machine. Then use Node-JS as a subscriber to knock out a quick HMI or web based dashboard.
Workshop will be held at Cutorama.
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  • Whatt is a Unified Namespace
  • The Message Queuing Telemetry Transport
  • Let's Hook Stuff Up

Monday September 18, 2021

Industrial Controls #1.
Intro to Programmable Logic Controllers. These can be though of as Arduino's bigger brother. They are ruggedized edge computers used for the control of manufacturing processes. These, like a microcontroller take a program from a computer and then run it repeatedly. Some of the main differences is a PLC need to withstand the stress of an industrial setting and they often can read inputs at the rate of 250K times a second. If you used an Arduino to control a factory and it signal controls were off a 1/1000th of a second we would have Telsa's missing door assemblies by lunch any given day.

Workshop will be held at Cutorama.
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  • Intro tp PLC (Programable Logic Controller
  • Demonstrate Ladder Logic Software
  • Read and Trigger PLC Signals

Saturday September 18, 2021

Arduino / RaspberryPi Session #1.
Just general fun and hanging out building Arduino / RaspberryPi projects. No agenda, spinning code and making sparks. We can help and offer guidance if you are a beginner. We will have a couple of loaners onsite if you want to try before purchasing your own kit.

  • Understand what an Arduino is and how it works
  • Arduino IDE (Integrated Development Environment)
  • Programming and prototyping
  • C and C++, python programming

Workshop will be held at Cutorama.
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What is a Microcontroller
Arduino Pro Family Machine Control
Arduino Pro Family Machine Control